Eden is a unique eco-friendly complex in an area of ​​20 hectares. So what is it unique?

First, it's certainly the mission of Eden. This name was chosen by us not by chance about 6000 years ago, was called Eden Garden of Eden where God placed the first people - people from there spread across the globe. Like our ancient Eden Eden place where people gather to in peace, relax, socialize, share experiences or meditate.

Second place is its location. The complex is located in the district Shurovo Sts. Shurovo a historical district of Kolomna, Kolomna and in its part of the network of tourist cities of Russia named "Golden Ring" and it is easy to get to.

Third feature energy Sergeva Posada and the region. Many believe that the enlightened There's the so-called 13th chakra of the planet that accelerate spiritual and intellectual ascent.

We will welcome visitors at any time of year!